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Andrew's book club will go live in October and you can reserve your space now! Here's a quick guide to how it works:

Step 1
Register to join Andrew's Book Club. Registration is open now! The suggested donation is £5 per month, although you are welcome to contribute what you can afford.

Step 2
On the 15th of each month (starting in September), we will take your monthly payment and it's time to choose your books. Our library will be available on the website and books are available on a first come first served basis. You can choose up to five books each month.

Step 3
On the first week of each month (starting in August), it's time to match you with your books. We are finalising this process but expect to offer three options:

A. Come and collect your box from our base. Stop by for a cup of tea if you like!
B. Within the Edinburgh area, our volunteers will deliver the box to your house.
C. If you are outside of the Edinburgh area and unable to collect your box, delivery can be arranged at the cost of postage.

Step 4
Repeat! This pattern continues on the 15th and first week of each month. From your second month onwards you will return your box and receive a new one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens if I would like to keep one of the books in my box permanently?
A: This club is all about sharing the joy of books and if you love a book so much you'd like to keep it, then we're delighted to hear it. Until the 15th of each month that book is yours and you can select to buy it by making a donation. After the 15th it will be added back to our library for the following month, so someone else is able to book it out.

Q: What type of books will feature?
A: To start out we are focusing on books which are popular amongst young people and people with special needs, drawing our inspiration from Andrew's taste. You'll have the opportunity to browse our full library before paying anything, so you can decide whether our selection is for you.

Q: Am I signed up for a specific length of time?
A: You're welcome to be part of the club for as long as you would like and leave whenever you like. Just let us know prior to the 15th of one month to cancel in time for the next month.

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